(Senior) Manager, ( VTC)--某500强德资医疗公司全球研发中心


1) Main tasks:

     Ensure a strong team that will be able tocover all test related tasks within the GRD for machine development in thecountry and region.

     Develop experts capable of covering thetopics within the sub-teams

     Establish well-structured lab operationsystem (e.g. ISO 17025 etc.) & accredited by authorities (TUV, CNAS etc.)

     Ensure team development and motivation.

     Ensure an appropriate, high quality levelof products and components suitable for Fresenius brand, but also keep thespecial focus on cost optimized design and manufacturing

     Be a strong, proactive leader and teammember of the BU and work on joint targets to ensure overall teams success.

     Cooperate with the region and manufacturingteams as well as GRD global teams.

     Work closely with project teams, globaltesting team, gather relevant information, and report status.

     Support design transfer to relatedmanufacturing sites per project plans.     

     Provide technical support in China to ensuretype test is well prepared, technical documents are well reviewed beforesubmission.

     Support product development, componentsourcing and development, and investigations and analysis during sustainingengineering

     Manage CDC labs and ensure availability ofin-house necessary equipment including calibration

     Maintain &  Enhance network with external partners for external testing

2) Secondary tasks:

     Establish working environment to identifyand test according to China and international standards

     Plan and perform verification testing fordevelopment projects and product changes

     Ensure suitable amount of automated testing

     Implement efficient means for software andsystem test

     Enhance team capability for reliabilityengineering tests to ensure product quality over a specified life time

     Setup appropriate internal and externaltesting capabilities


Qualifications, experience, know-how andskills critical for success*


1) Required training and education:

     Minimum Bachelor Degree in engineering, orrelated degree

2) Required professional experience (inyears):

     8 or more years of experience in severalquality related functions (Verification, Lab Management).

3) Important personal qualities:

     Good project management, problem solvingand decision making skills

4) Other specialized knowledge:

a) Technical knowledge

     Deep understanding of Lab management, testmethods, tools and equipment , China and international standards

b) Languages

     Fluent in both spoken and written Englishand Chinese;

     Excellent communication skills

c) IT skills

     Familiarity with standard IT office tools,e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc

d) Product knowledge

     Familiar with Medical Care Industry

5 ) Special personal requirements:

     Be comfortable working in a changingenvironment which requires flexibility and involves risk.

     Be comfortable working under pressure

     Pragmatic and proactive mind-set