DSO Operations Leader--某(上海)牙科医疗器械有限公司

Key Responsibilities:

1. Create and continuous improve strategic business process to support 45%+ business growth yearly, including VMI process, logistic process, ordering process…

2. Develop yearly commercial policy to maintain relationship with customers and business partners;

3. Develop sales policy to engage sales team to achieve yearly target per company development strategy;

4. Lead sales operation team to support daily demands from both internal and external customers, including internal forecast updating, weekly and monthly sales result delivery, sales order handling, quarterly sales bonus account;

5. Lead SFE team to collect and maintain monthly end user data, track weekly sales KPI, provide guide line of sales behavior per end users data. Facilitate continuous improvement and PSP to team if any issues occur;

6. Lead commercial team to collaborate with account manager team to enhance channel cooperation with DSO team, and drive the business;

7. Coordinate with company internal BP to go to Gemba and solve the functional issues within business process;

8. Build up sales in/out digital systems between Kavo, customer and distributors


1. Bachelor degree or above degree.

2. 8+ years progressive industry experience with extensive successful experience in commercial operation.

3. Strong interpersonal, communication and organization skills.

4. Strong analytical, problem solving, and negotiation skills.

5. Good leadership skill to lead team development per company requirement

6. Ability to work in and maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts and high pressure environment.

7. Good command of written and oral English.

8. IT background or related experience preferred.