Training Manager--某欧美知名制造企业

Analyse BU training needs and design the relevant training program
-Complete BU requirements interview and analyse and identify BU training needs
-Design and implement the training program according to BU needs
-Customaize the training workshop to meet the regional specific needs
Implement and Coordination to complete the training Plan in the Regional
-Support and compile the training manuals and materials
-Assist to revist and update the training curriculum
-Implement the training plan(involve the standard course and the training program) in the regional
Follow up and Assess the training outcome in the Field
-Take proactive action to check the training outcome
-Follow up trainees’ behaviour change to evaluate training effect and provide feedback
-Provide the relevant coaching for the sale people to assist them improve professional capability
-Analyze the training outcome and rejust the solution
Build coordination relationship with SU Team or other department and complete the relevant task
-Cooperate to complete the NHT and assessment team program
-Build parterner relationship with business team and attend business meetings to know the strategy of BU
-Work together with HR, complete sales force promotion process
5) Continuously Learning and Development
-Proactively seek learning opportunities on the job
-Participate TTT course related to training
-Proactively seek feedback from peers and other department colleagues to develop capability
6) Administration and reporting
-Supervise regional training and development logistics
-Prepare monthly reports on regional training and development activities
-Record regional training and development activities